Pandemic3 (Para-social media & the acceleration of a divised society)Pandemic 3,

Portraits of three young adults dressed in costumes made from the residues of the pandemic, a Victorian powdered wig made from loo roll shells, a pill box hat made of lateral flow tests and a repurposed dunce hat, made from many of the sensationalised news clippings of the time. I wanted to create a work that documented some of the deeply entrenched issues of divisiveness, misinformation and propaganda that were accelerated by social media during the pandemic. The impact of lockdown on the education of children, the righteous indignation of the media and the celebration of front-line workers by the public.

I feel we are nearing the beginning of the end of a paradigmatic shift in perception. The foretold horrors of singularity under the guise of globalization, where in fact a neofeudalistic system is under way, if not here already.

But enough of those half thought out things, for now, here’s a painting, oil on canvas, 100 cm by 100 cm. Some thoughts on the politics of the pandemic.

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