Us Yu Them

Sinister Pussy is a subdivision of CeWS,

We are a company about freedom and truth and lots of wordy  bullshit.

we are well read and fed up.

we  refuse to lie down and die.

fighting the good fight in silk scarves,

we get older as you get younger.

dont’ get distracted by fashion or music,

they always keep you down.

I sit around and die and dream, my future is, your embryo drug state. Meet me there, fertile child.

Charlotte Westmorland Stubbs


2 thoughts on “Us Yu Them

  1. Charlotte, just found yr Bcard amongst my travel docs. I bought the print, which is now proudly on the office wall. I’ll send a photo. In yr blog you said perth – perth scotland? better add Sydney Australia so everyone can tell the Sinister Pussy is now Sinister Pussy Intentional. let the spirit waters run free. william

    • I will get that changed immediately! So glad the print is up in a place of honour. Do send us a pic, would love to see it, in it’s new home. Lovely to meet you. x

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