not this time nor this space

ari federIn Vancouver, the death trap we called that flat. More unrequited love, done in oils, circa 1997?  Primo F’ing Jerk (his given nickname by my friends, not by me,) was my number one muse.  Jeez, what was I thinking?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomeone had a love affair with Thatcher, it wasn’t me. When I first moved back to London and thought I would pick up some unrequited love. 2001 or thereabouts? Before I met the Irish Drag Queen, but not soon after I got a sort of proper job…

Lady U235One of my favorites, from when I started out again. 4 by 3 foot.  I’d asked a friend to hold onto it while i was between homes, Colin Cowan, he wouldn’t return it, said possession what 90 percent of the law, the bugger.  Friends were always finding me canvases from different sources, so i started doing a lot of palimpsest, this was enjoyable. DMT and a craving of my brief STEM studies may have been a factor in the content.

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