UK COLAB launch party.

ukcolab flyer

I am thrilled to be one of the 20 artists to be included in the UK COLAB  2020 launch show at the Vinegar Yard.

UK COLAB is a new artist gallery run by artists for artists, they are launching a huge new collective and collaborative space.

The 2020 launch night, will have some of the best established and emerging artists in the contemporary UK art scene, as well as food, cocktails and music.

20 pieces, by 20 artists with a limited run of 20 prints for sale each.

Please register your interest at:

The Vinegar Yard is a short walk from London Bridge Station, exit for the Shard and turn left,

Vinegar Yard,

72-82 St Thomas St, London SE1 3QU

Launch night is Thursday April 2nd,  6:30-10:00, free entry. 

Drone War Babies


Three children; one in awe, one quizzical and one staring with penetrating gaze are surrounded by a swarm of camera drones. The painting depicts a climate of mounting fear and misinformation, of chem-trails, privacy violation and false truths normalised for the next generation.

A return to colour.
dwb v2
A flash of melted red wax baby faces came dripping fully formed to me in a dream. A combination of 1950’s post war chocolate advertising and the apocalypse.
Finally with my sober streak under my brush and the fear of creation in a clean slate challenged, I set to prove that I could create without the altered state.

Private View Thursday June 1@ Flaxton Ptooch Gallery -Skulls, Cats, Cocktails and gary’s big brains.


Thursday June 1st is launch night. I am bringing out the 3 giant kittens alongside the work of the very velvety talented katherine griffin

On display will be a multitude of skulls. There will be food, cocktails, music and many a print or original canvas to buy. I’m aiming to sell it all within the next few months, so get some while supplies last.  Show runs until July 3rd. Closest tube is Kentish Town. Come on down. Say ‘sinister pussy sent me’ at the door for free entry.

x x x

House clearing


Just had first afternoon in studio since the end of term. Have spent the day prepping for new large scale work. Note, how white it all is, not for long…
Sad news today of the suicide of Robin Williams, so often we lose our artists to overdose or suicide. We all face the same darkness, some of us need to pierce it stronger, harder with more struggle than others. Suicide the biggest killer of men in first world countries.
That’s raw desperation, the tick tock all of a sudden ‘ just fucking do it’ o’clock.

A few weeks ago, a boyfriend of mine said..’We all fear death and question our place in the universe but the artists job is to not succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence’…

True that.
Rest in peace Captain, nana’s got the whiskey. x x x