Private View Thursday June 1@ Flaxton Ptooch Gallery -Skulls, Cats, Cocktails and gary’s big brains.


Thursday June 1st is launch night. I am bringing out the 3 giant kittens alongside the work of the very velvety talented katherine griffin

On display will be a multitude of skulls. There will be food, cocktails, music and many a print or original canvas to buy. I’m aiming to sell it all within the next few months, so get some while supplies last.  Show runs until July 3rd. Closest tube is Kentish Town. Come on down. Say ‘sinister pussy sent me’ at the door for free entry.

x x x

Sooki Song and the Brain

My girl crush my mentor's brain

My girl crush my mentor’s brain

Small individual square fragments make up the image in a mosaic of
graduated colour and temperature. This piece is a mirrored ‘selfie’
meditating on both life and death around the replica of a friend’s MRI
brain scan. The flipped mirror image, moored by the skull reflects
both figuratively and metaphorically