I am happy to announce that I have been chosen as one of 40 artists by @NastyWomenLondon and @CreativeDebuts to exhibit in Nasty Women’s first exhibition in London, UK.

 To celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September, part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to Rape Crisis England and Wales and Women for Women International to protect women’s rights worldwide. Come and show your support from 7pm on 21 September! #NastyWomenLDN




Notes on the brain

eye brain2


How others perceive us has been a long held preoccupation, never more so with the ease and speed of today’s narcissistic selfie obsessive with access to any number of media platforms. Charlotte’s interest in deconstructing our sense of self led her to examine the ‘beauty of our own minds’ and potential of the ‘internalized selfie’. Using the brain of the infamous VJ DeepVisual, Charlotte creates a series of images of fleeting instances as seen on his MRI CT scan. These snapshots of time and even thoughts at the point of forming, create the basis for this body of new work allowing us to question identity from a different and little seen perspective, that of our internal physiology. CW Stubbs enjoys bringing beauty to subjects that are often disturbing or uncomfortable. Using vibrant colour to seduce the viewer and stark, uncompromising imagery, she challenges our perception of the narrative truth from multi-media sources.

to see me more

Thankyou CAt2

A big thank you to all of you who joined Katherine Griffin and myself at the Gilded Pleasures PV at Flaxton Ptooch Gallery.  It was a great show of pop art and solidarity in a hidden gem of a venue. For those that were unable to make it, the show runs until July 3rd so there’s still time to take in sexy skulls and sinister red cats.


July 22nd

EVIL BLOWS THRU IT SO GOOD Bow Arts Essex House Open Studio, 375 High St, E15 4QZ, 12-6pm.

The event is child friendly and will have cake and wine to enjoy while you take a guided tour thru the 28 studios. I’ll also be running a creative workshop in DIY protest art if you fancy flexing your own creative muscles. (Times TBC see website)

​Come down and see new paintings, beautiful, raw works that investigate the chronic nightmares of our social consciousness from the days of the Plague to heavily medicated society.  Framed original works and signed limited edition prints will be for sale. Also on show a taster preview of new work to be showcased at the NASTY WOMEN exhibition in September.



​September 21st

7pm ·Nasty Women, 74 Rivington Street, EC2A 3 London, United Kingdom

Can an eyeless Phil Collins have a political bust up with a goat horned Donald Trump? Come and see some of my many works on display alongside over 30 amazing international female artists in aid of Rape Crisis & Women For Women charities as part of the Nasty Women global movement.




Looking forward to seeing you all at one of these shows soon.


X x x




Evil blows thru it, so good.

i will feel the fear

July 22nd EVIL BLOWS THRU IT SO GOOD Bow Arts Essex House Open Studio, 375 High St, E15 4QZ

Beautiful and raw colorful works that investigate the chronic nightmares of our social consciousness. Monochromatic ink drawings from the days of the black plague to the simple reality of adjusting to new medication under a heavy work schedule, while looking after small children.(TBC) 

“In demons flights I cry, putting dark dreams to canvas to burn them from my rains.”


Big Bang Boy

Sept 21st, 7pm ·Nasty Women, Black and White Building, London

Group exhibition supporting Rape Crisis & Women For Women charities as part of the Nasty Women global movement.





More information can be found here; www.cwstubbs.com

Gilded Pleasures, and so it was.



What a fun and fabulous night.

June first, 2017.

Not many photos were taken as there were no phones out.   All the beautiful people were just digging art,  talking laughing  and having a good proper time.  Like the good ole days, with good ole folk. Nothing is going viral here.

Gilded Pleasures was launched a week before the UK went to the polls,  Katherine Griffin/Slade Alumni, Eleanor Kelly and I put on a great show of fine art, pop art and solidarity. June 1st the first Thursday of the month at Flaxton Ptooch. Such a hidden gem of a venue, right next to Rio health’s SPA! a tardis of delights.

Sexy, detailed skulls, larger than life sinister red cats and Frida Kahlo were all present. Katherine’s detailed fine art paintings are a beautiful wonder to be enjoyed.

Of all the wonderful things, the best  for me was, Bubs. SuperBubs. My little lovely.  As much as i had the superficial yearning of the art crowd and my bubble world to see my show, having my little bubba chubba walking around, seeing all the new 26 pieces on the wall and seeing all the people there to see it, made my heart sing. Mummy, did you make all this?? he was dead proud.  From the confines of painting in the recycling hallway, to having stuff on a wall.

As it was half term, he could stay up a little bit later. Katherine put up a beautiful oil painting in tribute to Frida Kahlo, so i brought my Sinister Saint icon print. The one that has bubs as a 4 year old, mirrored repeatedly as my heart.  Katherine’s and my work echoed and complemented each others in a really wonderful way.  Big shout out of creativity and commitment to Elle Kelly,  what a fabulous curator she is.



(Side note) I took that photo of him on my 39th? birthday, we’d been in the hospital all week and finally we were home, I was painting thru my Juarez period, about all the women that had been murdered on the border town of Texas and Mexico. When I initially did the pieces the number of women killed was at 279, when Amnesty International picked it up a few years ago the body count was at 408. So I was into  Día de Muertos 

So I said, let’s paint ourselves as day of the dead, or celebration of life I like to think. I set up a mirror in the front room, and a camera.  He covered his whole face in black. He loved it.

and we took pictures of us. I had my saturday class at the slade. I turned it into something beautiful. 

It was my first proper show since 2012 solo show  (Vibe Bar, Protesters & Pussies). Nerve wracking as hell. I’d started just started teaching full time with  young people excluded from school, like a PRU but more creatively and structurally aligned.  So, i didn’t know if I could pull it off.

In an abstract way I wondered why? beyond the art therapy dynamic and painting out my nightmares of why the fuck I do it. Why bother? Whose demons are these? Besides the fact that drawing and painting are the things in life that bring me such joy and connectivity.  2.(The constant attraction to brains and the mind in art. ) But just before it was all hung, I couldn’t help but think, why put it out there? Why try to sell it or make a name for yourself? Why even try to sell it? What narrative are you trying to play at? (then the usual insecurities of, your not that good, what the hell are  you doing?). -another time.

Gary came out to see his brilliant brain on display. Good times. I am thankful I have an amazing life long friend that can send me MRI’s of their brains at short notice.

The show runs until July 1st. Prints and more prints are available. If it suits your budget, cheaply framed white on white Ikea  framed originals are available for a song.  Will look great in any living room…

It was a lot of work and an interesting exercise. Has got me thinking about the next steps in my journey.  Installations, stuff that can’t be bought, just experienced. The Art world is a weird beast. I’m still a total outsider, but i find it a tad fascinating.

Thank you all for coming out to the opening night. Was great to see you. Big thanks to Conrad and Michael. Especially Conrad such a wonderful individual. and all my friends. Having friends there was the best.  My BFF was so comfortable and included. That’s what matters. My BFF sat and chilled. I left before the night was over. Fight the Power and much love to all.

x x x







Special K and Sinister C, Flaxton Ptooch Opening Night June 1 2017.

gold for blog

have you seen her?  Well, no, not the golden center of an MRI scan of a rocknroller buddhists brain, but the artist known as  K Griffin https://www.katherinegriffinart.com/

Katherin Griffin I’m talking. The work Katherine creates is a little bit beautiful and magical and a much needed fantastical escape for the senses. I could say with a smattering of dark undertones that ground us in the day to day sublime of existence but then that would sound like some kind of artsy word salad, and I will be having none of that. thanks.

Check out https://www.instagram.com/katherinegriffinart/

In just over a week, Kaz and I will be joining forces and bringing our world of colour and beautiful ideologies the  to Flaxton Ptooch gallery in NWS.

PV June 1st from 7pm, show runs until July 3rd.  NW5 2JT

But more than skulls and cats w be.

Cats and skulls are fine fodder for the internet, but also on display will be the recent politically inspired posters to put in your front room bed-sit.


Like the above mentioned  cunt waffle for example.

Many of these posters (a bakers dozen)  now seem tragically out of date, made a mere less than hundred days ago.  Now I am nearly looking back fondly on the fact that the worst thing POTUSatire had done was gone on about casually raping women, seems like the good ole days now that billions have been secured to the Saudi Arabian military lets kill everyone party exchange.  Oh happy days.

Or John Peters, one of the first pilots to be paraded on Iraqi TV as a POW…


So, get your big boots and your dancing shoes on. Join the Special K and I-Sinister C, for an opening night to support the arts, let down your hair, raise a glass to the little people.

Much love.


(That’s country and western if you don’t know my name)

Time after time

Charlote head bar for web

I’ve no idea why stripping down into my skivvies in negative 20 cold came into my face last night. Maybe I’ve just been let down a little more than usual these last few weeks. Maybe that feeling in the cold light of London day needed a warm whiskey.  Fuck, life can be hard, as my partner says…but life is life.

When they were remodeling the London Royal Hospital, 2012 the playroom was designed by someone very fancy.

20 foot high plush tigers.

large screen TV/s

and a motion detector video floor to the sound of Outkasts ‘Hey Ya’, with the repetitive lyrics of shaking it like a Polaroid picture for the kids who could move their feet to move their feet to in order to stamp out large scale ants. Who designs this shit?

I must have heard that song a thousand times.

Just having a long look back, a short look back and thinking about the fact I’ve got 3 art shows, an open studio all happening in the next couple of months, new job, healthy child. maybe i would be much better to forget and let go of everything that’s ever gone before.

stupid brain. we are what we do, we are what we hold onto.

I’m saving my coppers for a beach house.

x x


“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
― Calvin Coolidge

I tied my keys to my belt buckle so I wouldn’t lose them.  My lovely long distance boyfriend, my one and only that I was staying with, wouldn’t mind if I went out dancing while he stayed indoors in the negative 20 degree weather to make music while I physically slaughtered my demons with plasticman or the likes in my ears.  He was an amazing maker of music, so we had that connection. He understood my urgency, as I understood his stillness.

So,  it’s past midnight, way past midnight, the morning call may be on, great night of dancing, i make it home, keys on my belt buckle, which now as it’s so cold outside has frozen on. Im 5 inches shorter than the door. I try 5 times to hoist myself pants up with key to open the door. no luck.

so off come the trousers, to get the key to open the door.

in i walk. there sits a bottle of whiskey and writing paper. a love note. love