I am delighted to have been selected to participate alongside other renowned international artists at the inaugural UK COLAB show.

Launching this Thursday 10th September – my second oil painting ever, created especially for this exhibition is available to view and purchase along with a limited run of only 20 prints via the ukcolab website or the chopperchunk gallery site.  


My piece depicts a climate of mounting fear and misinformation normalised for the next generation as seen through the eyes of 3 children representing current Western points of crisis; the Environment, the Virus and Mental Health. 

I’d be really grateful if you could repost this and spread the word.



10 SEP – 10TH OCT

(launches 6:30pm)

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UK COLAB launch show Thursday the 10th at 6pm




10 SEP – 10TH OCT

(launches 6:30pm)


I am delighted to be a part of this amazing varied and strong collective. Please like and share this post signalling the launch of the show this coming Thursday the 10th.

I created this piece, especially for this show. 20 prints are available via the ukcolab or chopperchunk site.

We are proud to announce our Official 20/20 launch show will be held on Marc Craig’s new virtual gallery experience the “Chopper Chunky Gallery” recently featured in Forbes magazine.

In the show there will be over 20 original pieces by some of the best artists out there and there will also be some prints available of some of the pieces in very LTD runs of only 20 prints in a run.


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@chrisriggsart @nathanbowenart @masonstormgenius @marccraigofficial @onyxartworks @tracywattart @reed.caroline @raffaellabertolini @traffordparsons @pogo_uk @subdudelondon @perspicereartist @tamalynhyde @shibari_tamalyn @jason.pengelly @thayenrich @orbitldn @xlvii @fkhead2019 @cwstubbs23 @stiffadodante @jasonleereynoldsart



Resonance FM tonight.


Tonight on Resonance 104.4 FM at 10:30pm join me in an episode of ‘Art Then and Now’ titled ‘Nasty Women’. An interview with yours truly about my artistic process, the fallacy of the perfect mother, internalized misogyny, mental health and of course protesters and pussies.

It’s a little bit raw.

The radio website is: and just click ‘Art Then and Now’ to live stream at 10:30. It will be available to stream anytime after January 20th.

@annagammansart and @resonancefm @cwstubbs23

The official blurb..

A discussion of art from the past and the present with Anna Gammans. This week: Nasty Women. Anna interviews artist Charlotte Westmoreland Stubbs about the female experience and the importance of making art that documents all facets of it. Plus there’s some ‘Art in the News’. To view any images discussed or to get in touch visit [Repeated Monday 2.30pm.]


timthumb calm

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Join the campaign to take a stand against male suicide and get the tools you need for action.

CALM Homepage

Art Against Living Miserably: Get involved

Last year my lovely friend M took his own life.  I saw him a few weeks beforehand. He was looking well, revitalized from a recent trip to New York and getting ready to launch his new album. We discussed photographic ideas for the cover.


M was not only a top notch humanitarian and all round super guy but also was a massive put money where your mouth is supporter of my art work.  He and a friend would pop round the studio, where our sessions would be more like the dirty grips of counselling than love fests, but always authentic and meaningful. Michael did loads of proper work for charity as well as working and being a regular gigging musician and poet.

He often suggested that he and I collaborate on starting group sessions^drop ins for high functioning people with depression. It wasn’t something I had the time, energy or inclination to do. But now, one year one and  being in such a different place (no more high stress shit job, retraining to be a psychotherapist etc) it’s a different story, but hindsight’s a bitch isn’t it.  He was an active supporter of the charity CALM. M didn’t talk about his struggles with many folk.


Maybe the stigma, maybe just wanting to keep whatever strings were holding it together as strong as possible, I don’t know. We’d been friends for several years, before he witnessed me during an explicitly bad crash and burn period and from there the honesty and compassion grew in our friendship. We suddenly both had a friendship bonded by all the shit we kept to ourselves.

But that was then.

He worked really fucking hard at maintaining positive mental health. When he died, I was in absolute devastating shock. But also, thought, if he who did all this therapy and mindfulness succumbed to it, what fucking chance do i have?

In 12 hours, the contract I was depending on financially ended, M took his life and the hat trick of some questionable behavior by my OH raised its head.

Cue 3 months of self medicating wine drinking. Which led me to my decision to take a year off everything and get my shit together. Because I was miserable.

Michael Painting

I painted this. I tore it up, taped it, plastered it back together and then painted it some more. I’m going to submit it to CALM for their art thing. It doesn’t quite meet their brief, but you don’t get if you don’t ask.

When I’m ready I am still going to recreate the neon ghosts photos for the album. It’s taken a year and I still think of him. His memorial is coming up in a few weeks.

Just need to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

Dark forest mumurings…




The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking through the trees like a ghost, gently pushing aside branches that block the path and trying to tread without sound. Even breathing is done with care. The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds another life—another hunter, angel, or a demon, a delicate infant to tottering old man, a fairy or demigod—there’s only one thing he can do: open fire and eliminate them.

Just leaving this here for now, as it’s something i want to explore….

Wolf mother return

After a slight hiatus the mojo/muse came knocking at the door. Day 10 of taking a break from salt of the earth toxic company and I finally heard the call. The last 6 months in studio have been fruitless. Sure, some work has been created, but forced, no flow and mostly of angry dismembered naked female bodies against a pretty back drop. Been there done that, I lived through this lipstick smear shaven head period of the 90’s so..thanks brain. But that’s what stress does, doesn’t it? It slowly creeps in, becomes the norm and eats your joy.

I’m adoring the BLIND BOY pod cast, my new late night fantasy boyfriend with a shopping market bag in place of face. 

So in attempts to find new grounding and a wee slice of happiness. I’ve taken time off the stress hampster austerity wheel and decided to do something that felt right for me, instead of the right thing.

This is the first bit of anything that’s made me feel good & in the flow of creativity for a long while. So thought I’d share and raise a glass to more of fucking that.

Mucho love muchachos. X X 



I am happy to announce that I have been chosen as one of 40 artists by @NastyWomenLondon and @CreativeDebuts to exhibit in Nasty Women’s first exhibition in London, UK.

 To celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September, part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to Rape Crisis England and Wales and Women for Women International to protect women’s rights worldwide. Come and show your support from 7pm on 21 September! #NastyWomenLDN


Notes on the brain

eye brain2


How others perceive us has been a long held preoccupation, never more so with the ease and speed of today’s narcissistic selfie obsessive with access to any number of media platforms. Charlotte’s interest in deconstructing our sense of self led her to examine the ‘beauty of our own minds’ and potential of the ‘internalized selfie’. Using the brain of the infamous VJ DeepVisual, Charlotte creates a series of images of fleeting instances as seen on his MRI CT scan. These snapshots of time and even thoughts at the point of forming, create the basis for this body of new work allowing us to question identity from a different and little seen perspective, that of our internal physiology. CW Stubbs enjoys bringing beauty to subjects that are often disturbing or uncomfortable. Using vibrant colour to seduce the viewer and stark, uncompromising imagery, she challenges our perception of the narrative truth from multi-media sources.