Goat Skull Fallopian Tube evolution

Or the process of evolving an idea…

About three years ago, Bubs was affected by a string of non-stop chest infections. Which is a pain. As you have to be clear of chest infections for a minimum of 6 weeks in order to proceed with any surgery. He’d get well, I’d send him back to school and within a week he’d pick up some nasty kid germ virus and it would quickly evolve into another chest infection.

After a few rounds of this, I decided to just pull him out of school. (With GP’s guidance & school’s acknowledgement) to just let him immune system fully recoup. So began our formal home schooling journey.

Maths, science and English were the easy bits. But I was developing cabin fever. Not being able to work, or go to the studio was making me a dull boy. So he and I started doing art, every day for an hour. This is how pleased he was about it….


We started with self portraits, which, I can’t say either of us really excelled at.

So we moved onto the abstract, something we both have a little more enjoyment with. He made some odd human sculpture thing and I would draw his 3d creation.


Then we went freestyle, just to sit and draw the first things that popped into our heads. So that’s how the first goat skull fallopian tube came into being. Just popped into my head.


With time, bubs got better and I stashed those sketchbooks somewhere. A couple years later I was full on in my skull phase. Like a Hamlet-McQueen virus, it was my only obsession, no matter how I tried, I ended up with skulls on and in everything.

So then, really trying to move away from skulls, I started sketching out animal skulls with a variety of botanical that I thought thematically resonated with the type of animal.

One of the oldest living skulls is of the rat, (I may be wrong) and i lined it up with one of the oldest known fossilized plant bodies.


I’ve now I whole series of animal skulls with flowers and other botanics, that I am going to cobble together into something for something at some point. But I still didn’t feel done with the goat skull fallopian tube. I wanted to take it further.

During November to March this year, bubs was pretty porely and missed a good 80% of school. My grand plans for going back to working in a real proper adult job got the shelf again and studio time was limited. When I was there, my creative mojo was on the blink, but there was something I could do. I could paint things black. Dark, shiny and deep black. Like the scenes from Under the Skin, where Scarletter Johansen takes punters off the street in a thinly veiled guise of a sexual predator to go and devour them in the black underworld. Silent, forever, black..


There was something beautiful and therapeutic about all the black. I was able to be creative in a way that my exhaustion levels could handle. Being in and out of hospital fry’s part of your parental brains.

So I created the final test tryptic of the goat skull Fallopian tubes. I was going to knock out three and then whichever one worked the best, is going to be the one I do in real proper neon on a larger scale.

For the Neon, I’m going to use the one with the suggestion of groping vines and not the full five finger deal. The background of super dark shiney and incorperated the mirrors and gold leaf, as it doesn’t have the same polished quality but it’s touch of madness appeals to the overall design.

So there you have it. A sick day doodle to a portable neon sculpture. Bubs is better, so I am now working in full primacolour again. Working on a series involving 1950’s pop babies with war drones flying over head.

It’s good to get stuck sometimes, it made me fully go over and over something until i could get it to evolve past to somewhere first imagined.

will follow up with large scale neon once I get around to it…..

Dia de los Muertos

This series originally titled 3rd Mexican killed (in reference to third trumpeter killed) was inspired by the news of a violent weekend of gang related slayings, where Mexico’s top musicians were slaughtered for having their ballads associated with rival gang members.


A trumpet player was found dead with his hands and feet bound and a nylon bag over his head in southern Mexico, the third murder of a musician in Mexico in less than aweek.  Jose Luis Aquino, 33, played for 14 years with Los Conde, which was founded in Tututepec, Oaxaca, and later moved to the resort town of Puerto Escondido.
Aquino was found in southern Mexico, unlike two earlier victims discovered last weekend — Sergio Gomez, a singer with K-Paz de la Sierra, and singer Zayda Pena — who were found in a northern province of the country.
ProtectorsShameWEBValentin Elizalde was killed in November 2006, after his song To My Enemies became a drug lord’s anthem.  However the recent murders have targeted artists who sing mainly about love and loss, leading to fears in Mexico that mainstream singers will be at risk if their music becomes associated with rival gangs.


Jonathan Martinez, 22, and Gustavo Alejandro, 35, from the local band La Excelencia were    murdered in a bar Vida Divina in the capitol of the Mexican state of Jalisco by four suspected gang members.
When their set drew to a close La Excelencia were angrily goaded into playing two more songs before the propertier of the bar called time at 4am. The crowd proved tough when one of the four suspects threw a grenade onto the stage, injuring one and causing a panic stricken audience to stampede towards the exit. As customers and the musicians ran for the door, the four men opened fire.


I took inspiration from the style of Mexican ‘miracle’ or ‘votive’ paintings to depict these  contemporary scenes.  Mexican ‘votives’ (aka miracle paintings) are normally small paintings, created on roof tiles or small plaques that show a moment of miracle or humility where a person asks for help from a saint and is delivered from disaster or death.

These works alongside others will be on display at Mexicasa in Stratford, (377 High St, London, E15 4QZ) until December 22nd 2018.  (www.mexicasa.co.uk). Mexicasa is a big beautiful space located in the other side of Stratford, just below my studio.  They do authentic, well priced and delicious food and I must say their Margaritas are life affirming.  There will be a closing party Thursday December 20th, where art work will be available for purchase as well as a fine selection of prints, both framed and unframed. Come and join me.


Dark forest mumurings…




The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking through the trees like a ghost, gently pushing aside branches that block the path and trying to tread without sound. Even breathing is done with care. The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds another life—another hunter, angel, or a demon, a delicate infant to tottering old man, a fairy or demigod—there’s only one thing he can do: open fire and eliminate them.

Just leaving this here for now, as it’s something i want to explore….



Wolf mother return

After a slight hiatus the mojo/muse came knocking at the door. Day 10 of taking a break from salt of the earth toxic company and I finally heard the call. The last 6 months in studio have been fruitless. Sure, some work has been created, but forced, no flow and mostly of angry dismembered naked female bodies against a pretty back drop. Been there done that, I lived through this lipstick smear shaven head period of the 90’s so..thanks brain. But that’s what stress does, doesn’t it? It slowly creeps in, becomes the norm and eats your joy.

I’m adoring the BLIND BOY pod cast, my new late night fantasy boyfriend with a shopping market bag in place of face. 

So in attempts to find new grounding and a wee slice of happiness. I’ve taken time off the stress hampster austerity wheel and decided to do something that felt right for me, instead of the right thing.

This is the first bit of anything that’s made me feel good & in the flow of creativity for a long while. So thought I’d share and raise a glass to more of fucking that.

Mucho love muchachos. X X 



Bod Jamen curated the Holloway show, which put a formidable group of people together.  The big cats were on display. A good 150 turned up on a Tuesday. The highlight for me was meeting the two front line folk that ran the Ringcross center. True to the bone of what caring and help in the community should be about. Delores, a lovely 3 decades in the trenches of social care ran the entries and had invited a group of young people from the local teen homeless center. I had the privileged of showing them around, talking art and hopefully allowing them to feel welcome.

Susan Merrick, a proper artist and front line fighter was there in full force.

Politics aside, a good night with a good heart.

I do need to learn to look less spooky and weird in front of the camera…


x x


‘Holloway’ is an exhibition exploring the past, present and future significance of Holloway Women’s Prison, which for 150 years stood as a symbol both of acts of resistance by women and their continued marginalisation.
Join me and other artists and agitators Tuesday February 6th at the Ringcross Community Centre, Lough Road, N7 8RH 6-9pm for the PV.
Show runs until Feb 23rd.
Holloway Digital Invite

In the early 1900s, several Suffragettes were imprisoned at Holloway, and force-fed after they embarked on hunger strikes in protest of their treatment. In 1918, Constance Markievicz, a fighter in the Easter Rising of 1916, arrived at Holloway, and during her time incarcerated she won election to the Second Dáil in the elections of 1921. In 1955, Ruth Ellis was the last women in the United Kingdom to be executed. Only last year, in January 2016, Sarah Reed committed suicide in her cell, where she was kept waiting for nine weeks for a mental health evaluation.

Now, just three decades after the prison was rebuilt from scratch, the site is set to be completely repurposed and developed into housing. This exhibition seeks to ask questions of this transformation: What does it mean to turn a place of incarceration into a place of probable luxury? How can a new housing development go ahead, while remaining conscious of the history of the site?

This exhibition is an attempt to explore Holloway as the confluence of many issues: women’s rights, mental health, gentrification and the current upheaval of the prison system.

On Thursday 8th February Pilion will host a screening of J. Lee Thompson’s 1956 film ‘Yield to the Night,’ starring Diana Dors as Mary Hilton. The film presents Mary in the shadow of her execution, as she retells a chain of events that drove her to murder. The film bears a striking resemblance to the case of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed at Holloway in 1955.

Not just a pretty face (Ruth Ellis)small

The exhibition will run until Friday 23rd February.

Artists and Contributors:
Kate Kelly
Jess Zaydner
Charlotte W. Stubbs http://www.cwstubbs.com
Victoria Suvoroff
Susan Merrick
Paul Talling
Sisters Uncut
Kingombe Onyangunga

Hackney Wick Art Jumble

We’re getting ready to rumble for HACKNEY WICK ART JUMBLE. One of a kind #cushions #cards #protester prints #sinisterpussy. All proceeds go towards wine & libations for SINISTER PUSSY staff party. Festive Art Jumble Sale Hackney Wick @GROW, 98C Wallis Road, Main Yard, Hackney Wick

E9 5LN London, Saturday 1-5, https://www.facebook.com/events/988169431321036??ti=ia #GROW, #HackneyWick #cwstubbs

..Hackney Wick Art Jumble this Saturday, I’ve got Sinister Pussy cushions; one of a kind Crimbo cards, renegade protest prints, beautifully framed mirrored MRI brain scans, original paintings that need a new home, all perfect gifts for the one you love or hate…



I am happy to announce that I have been chosen as one of 40 artists by @NastyWomenLondon and @CreativeDebuts to exhibit in Nasty Women’s first exhibition in London, UK.

 To celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September, part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to Rape Crisis England and Wales and Women for Women International to protect women’s rights worldwide. Come and show your support from 7pm on 21 September! #NastyWomenLDN